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Swap Body Pilot [m/f/d]

alias truck driver in Germany

What our truck drivers say

Truck driver at the Diebel Spedition company

You like to be on the road as a truck driver. Your passion belongs to the road. You like moving big machines from A to B. You stand up for the safety of your load. You stay calm when things get hectic. And you want to work for a company that appreciates you for it.

Welcome to Diebel: Glad that you found us!

Benefits for swap body truck drivers at Diebel:

At Diebel you drive swap bodies. This means:

  • no loading/unloading – therefore no waiting for the goods
  • no problems with the axle load weight
  • no securing of the load by the truck drivers
  • compliance with driving times and rest periods

Sounds good? Then our driver academy will inspire you!

Benefits at the Diebel Driver Academy for truck drivers:

  • You will get to know our modern trucks [MAN and DAF] and their versatile technology.
  • You will be trained until you have mastered our swap body system.
  • You will get to know your future colleagues and our company.
  • You can show us what you’ve got – whether you’re just starting out or an experienced professional driver.
  • After successfully completing the Diebel Driver Academy, an experienced colleague will accompany you on tour. This way, you will feel safe when you are picking up and putting down containers at the customer’s site.

The result: You go on tour with a good feeling afterwards, because you know that you can manage well at the depot and the hub.


Wechselbrücken-Pilot Roman Diebel Fair - Fährt Gut Wir sind Diebel genug.

Diebel: „Fair drives well!“

Under our campaign brand “Fair fährt gut!” we combine two goals:

  1. The promotion of fair and friendly interaction on all routes among all road users.
  2. The promotion of fair and friendly interaction in all situations in the daily working life – with customers, employees and suppliers, in the office, in the workshops, on the phone or via e-mail.

“Fair drives well!” is our promise as an employer and a company, and it is reflected in many  ascpects of our daily actions. First and foremost, “Fair drives well!” is a commitment to our employees: For us, being fair means matching the company’s interests with the wishes and needs of our employees.

This includes the compatibility of family and career, the equipment of our workplaces and vehicles, as well as the respectful interaction with each other. Our aim is to create an environment in which every employee feels valued and understood and wants to grow together with us in the long run.

We also treat our customers in a fair way. We maintain a constructive and open relationship at eye level and carry the responsibility for a smooth and reliable service as a key to good relationships.

Any other questions? No problem!

You can find your contact person here:

Wustermark and Ketzin
Phone: +49 33233 3030 – 276
Languages spoken: German and Polish
E-mail: driver@diebel-spedition.de

Kassel and Damme
Phone:+49 561 50029 – 241
Languages spoken: German, Polish and English
E-Mai: jobs@diebel-spedition.de